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Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in San Francisco (Milpitas) , U.S.A.

No more slot available. 目前預約額滿. 

1. 預約來處僅限申請領務案件。

Appointments are limited to applications for consular matters.

2. 申請人請自備回郵信封,(每)單一申請案件須備一個獨立回郵信封及郵資,不得與其他人或其他申請案件共用。於申請時一併附入,以利本處將辦畢案件寄回。

Please provide a pre-paid self-addressed envelope so we may mail your processed document back to you.

3. 倘當日服務時間內無法提具完整申請案件與補充資料,請改以郵寄辦理,恕「無法提供」補件服務。。

If you can’t provide a complete application and supplementary documents within the service hours on the same day, please use postal mail. We do not offer supplementary document submission service.

4. 當日辦理業務,如護照、文件驗證等請先備妥應備文件,詳細說明請參考本處網頁。

Please prepare all necessary documents prior to your appointment and refer to our website: for further information.

5. 自即日起,本處僅接受以現金、銀行本票(cashier check)或匯票(money order)支付各項領務規費。抬頭請寫:TECO

All service fees must be paid by cash, cashier’s check, or money order (payable to TECO).